Flexible Team

Each project we are working on is done by a tailor-made team

Multidisciplinary team

Our permanent team brings the know-how in order to confront new projects

Internet Objetive

Our main market is geared towards downloadable digital content

Based in UK (London) and Spain (Madrid), NighWolf Games is a video game studio, it consists of a series of multidisciplinary people who struggle every day to get their ideas and projects forward.

We are looking for Investors and new Projects

Currently the studio is looking for Investors interested in investing in both the Studio and the Projects we are working on.
Contact us if you have any project that you want to do with us.


Nacho Rodríguez

Development and game creation.
"The constructive mind and destructive mind"

Jose Uceta

Head of Programming
Senior programmer.
"He does not know how he does it
but it works!"

Jaime Castells

Art & Creative Director
Graphic Designer and modeler.
"Always bothering with the lights and colors"

Niscerel Trujillo


"Some men just want to watch the world burn."

Estefanía del Valle

Community Manager

"Give me videos to upload do not ignore me."

Peter Wicher

Music & SFX
Music composer.

"Where words fail,
music speaks."


Brian Watts

Voice Actor

Seek what you want in life, remember where you come from.